The primary trade union organization of students was established in 1967. In 1996 it was registered in the Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The students carry out their trade union activities in accordance with the federal law "On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees."

The primary trade union organization of Minin University unites 3,750 students, representing 92% of the total.

The focus of the primary trade union commettee: social and legal protection of students; sporting and cultural work; rehabilitation and recreation of students; organizational work; employment of students in their free time.

Minin University students actively participate in rallies and protests. The main demands of these are to increase scholarships, provide social guarantees for students. The trade union provides financial assistance to socially vulnerable categories of students, implementing a program to provide discounted meal vouchers for disadvantaged categories of students.

The trade union committee of students together with the Department of Physical Education and the Faculty of Physical Education annually organizes and conducts Freshmen Games in 5 sports and University competitions in 8 sports.

Together with the Department of music and aesthetic education the trade union committee organizes and conducts the Freshman Day concert. It has become a good tradition to throw a night disco in celebration of the " Freshman Day."

The trade union committee of students annually prepares a New Year’s gathering.

It has become a tradition to arrange the spring sudent talent show "Student Spring" and the "Tatyana's Day." Contest on 25 January.

Students annually organize to sports camp. Summer vacation is carried out on the basis of the "Jolly Beach."

According to branch-wise division The primary trade union organization of students is included in the regional trade union organization of National Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the largest and most influential non-governmental organization in Nizhny Novgorod region.