The strategic goal of Minin University for the period up to 2020 is turning itself into a leading institution of teacher education market segment that meets the needs of consumers and legal requirements and regulations of the Russian Federation, ENQA standards and guidelines for quality assurance of education, becoming a leading research and teaching center in Volga Federal District, actively and effectively meeting the challenges of the education system and regional development.

In order to improve the system and mechanisms for quality control of educational activities at the University , the Quality management center has been brought into being that ensures the implementation of educational processes in innovative technologies for the sake of competitiveness of the University.

The main objective of the center is:

Educational, methodical and consulting support of the quality management system, as well as monitoring, developing and improving regulations affecting the educational process.

The main tasks of the center:

  • Implementation of the quality policy towards educational activities (to date and long term)
  • update the legal framework for a clear and coherent organization of work on the implementation of the quality management system of the University
  • improving the models and methods of self-assessment of the University from the standpoint of the quality management requirements
  • Basic workflow research with subsequent adjustment of the quality management system’s corresponding elements.
  • introduction of a manuals- and guidelines- database for educational activities quality assurance
  • Conduct of internal and external audits of the existing University quality management system
  • Preparing proposals for the improvement of educational activities in accordance with the requirements of quality management
  • Training the faculty staff on quality management education
  • Coordination of the development of the papers necessary to the preparation of current University quality management system to certification and to further certificate extension
  • monitoring the quality of educational services

Academic staff rating evaluation has been put into practice at Minin University since 2012. The core idea of rating activities is to stimulate the growth of skill, professionalism, productivity, scientific and educational work, the development of creative initiatives among teachers and researchers, aimed at innovative development of the University and the quality of its activities.

Rating allows the University staff to reach the level of personal interest in improving productivity of teaching and research work, in determining the place of their department in the implementation of the University’s licensing and accreditation indicators and increase the rating index of the University among higher education institutions.

The rating system is based on the principles of integrated approach (systematic record and assessment of various aspects of activity), openness (the results are open and available to managers for management decision-making and to the employee to determine one’s personal strategy for further development), modularity (assessment is carried out independently by blocks, reflecting the key elements of the development of the University).

The rating’s content is represented by the following three sections:

  1. Educational and methodical activity. The section aims to assess the main activity of the teacher, educational and methodical support of the educational process, activities in e-learning environment, career-oriented activities.
  2. Research and innovation activities. The section reflects the results of grantmaking, research activity, involving students, commercialization of research.
  3. Networking. The section aims to assess the activities in terms of interaction with partners in education, implementation of joint projects.