The purpose of the Minin University Students’ Union is to create conditions contributing to self-realization of students in their creative and professional life and their ability to solve issues in various areas of students’ daily routine.

Problems arising in the process of achieving the goal:

  • full support to Minin University student groups;
  • improving the Students’ Union working mechanism;
  • legal, informational, methodological and other kinds of support to the Students’ Union;
  • formation and development of public opinion on the problems of youth education;
  • preparation of proposals for the University administration, public authorities and voluntary organizations on issues affecting young people and monitoring their implementation;
  • presentation of initiatives, making proposals to the administration of the University, the public authorities on a student and youth issues;
  • cooperation with youth and other associations country- and worldwide

Minin University Students’ Union:

  • United Council of students (CCA)
  • Student Council,
  • The primary trade union committee of students,
  • The Board of student initiatives,
  • Student pedagogical group "Focus"
  • Student pedagogical group "Fortuna"
  • A student guide group "Concordia"