Research laboratories and centres at Kozma Minin State Pedagogical University of Nizhny Novgorod.

The main purpose of the development of scientific potential of Kozma Minin State Pedagogical University is the organization of university-based research institutions with fundamental and applied research in accordance with world standards and developments for high-tech sectors of the economy and social sphere with the appropriate HR maintenance implementing effective forms of integration between science and education.

Within the structure of scientific activity the following basic sciences are well represented: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, history, philology, etc. Each of these sciences is the leading academic discipline in the training of students of the corresponding profile. In addition, the University actively carries out researches with the focus on the theoretical understanding of the various aspects of education (content, methods, forms).

At the moment, on the basis of Minin University more than 30 scientific and educational and research organizations are formed:

  • Research and Education Center "Prevention of violence and child abuse"
  • Research and Education Center "Chemistry of molecules and materials"
  • 7 full-time research laboratories;
  • 4 research laboratories on a voluntary basis;
  • 17 scientific schools.

Research laboratories and centers are the most important elements of the innovational infrastructure of the University, promoting the integration of science and industry. These are growth points of the academic environment, representing the union of teachers, researchers and students engaged in research projects.

The Results achieved by the laboratories and centers are:

  • Scientific Publications;
  • Organization of scientific schools;
  • Organization of the international, national and regional scientific events (conferences, round tables, seminars, etc.);
  • Presentations at conferences;
  • Conduct of specialty research seminars for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies;
  • Lectures and workshops on the results of their own research.
  • The introduction of the practical scope of research results and development.

Of particular importance, as a working results by the scientific and research centers and laboratories, is the involvement of young people into science - almost all of the studies in the framework of science education by Minin University are carried out with the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students, allowing them to generate a steady trend of successive generations of scientific knowledge at the University. Many leading scientists at Minin University are led by their own schools, the average age of scientists is 35-37 years, which reflects the involvement of young researchers in basic and applied research at the University.

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Research Activity

As a part of the teaching staff of the University 526 people including 55 PhDs are currently employed. Scientific degrees and academic titles are held by more than 60% of high school teachers, more than 10% of teachers are PhDs and professors.

A significant part of Minin University’s teachers participate in studies sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Humanitarian Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Science, Nizhny Novgorod Ministry of Environment and Education and other sources. A number of teachers are involved in joint researches with foreign organizations, including universities in Poland, Germany, the US, as well as participate in projects funded by the European Union.

Currently, the University has developed a rating system to support research activities of the faculty. The main components of the rating system to support scientific activities are: conducting scientific and practical activities, publication of scientific papers, monographs, publications in journals included in the citation database WebofScience, Scopus, RISC, patent-licensing activity and others.