Q: What are the conditions of accommodation and stay of foreign students?

A: Minin University has three dormitories to house foreign students: st. Beketov, 6, Gagarin ave., 6, st.. Chelyuskintsev, 17. As a rule, foreign students are placed in the dormitory on Gagarin ave. Students are provided with rooms for 2-3 persons, each floor of the 4-storey hostel has a kitchen, WC and a shower room. To make foreign students’ stay more comfortable the option of placing two or three students from the same country is available. The hostel’s security checkpoint ensures safety of our students. Entrance to the hostel is strictly on production of one’s pass. In corridors of each floor there’s constant video surveillance.

Q: What is the study schedule, characteristic of Russia?

A: In most universities in Russia schedule of the educational process is based on two main options: the first - day-time, from 8.00 to 13.00 or 14.00) and the second - evening-time, from 13.00 or 14.00 to 18.00 or 19.00. A combination of the two is also possible. At most of Minin University’s faculties the first is practiced more often.

Q: What are the possible activities beside the core studying process?

A: Minin University provides students with opportunities for self-development and self-realization out- as well as in-side the classroom. There are various classes and workshops to help our students to improve themselves: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, gymnastics etc.

Q: What are the number and geography of foreign students of the University?

A: Today at Minin University more than 200 foreign students from 30 countries are undergoing their studies, including countries of Asia, Africa, the Far East, South and Latin America, as well as countries of the former Soviet Union.

Q: What are the guarantees of a safe stay at the University and dormitory while studying in Russia?

A: Studying at Minin University is safe and comfortable. All buildings are equipped with turnstiles so entrance of teachers, university staff and students is on production of a pass. The same applies to dormitories. Access to educational buildings or hostels by guests and unauthorized persons is possible on showing an identity document and explaining the purpose of their visit. In addition, in every University building there is a security point (usually at the entrance) the staff of which performs a security beat of the whole building every few hours. All buildings of Minin University are equipped with functioning video surveillance.