Inclusive education - is a process of training and education, in which all people, regardless of their physical, mental, intellectual and other features are engaged in the general education system and trained in the alongside their peers without disabilities in the same educational institutions, that take into account their special educational needs and provide the necessary special support.

inclusive education is recognized by the world community as the most humane and most effective. Minin University has created all the conditions for the implementation of inclusive education. In educational building number 7 (Cheliuskintsev str., 9) barrier-free architectural environment is arranged(availability of the adjacent territory, entrance ways and ways to move inside the building, the presence of a specially equipped sanitary facilities, warning and alarm systems). The educational process is carried out using distance learning technologies in combination with traditional forms. For students with disabilities there is always an opportunity to study on an individual schedule to adapt to educational programs, including taking examinations and tests remotely.