The climate in Nizhny Novgorod

Due to the more pronounced continental climate, the temperature is slightly higher in Summer and lower in Winter, compared to Moscow. In Spring above-zero temperatures usually set around April 5 and hold up to the end of October. Because of the large differences in terrain, sufficient temperature differences between the mountainous part of the city and the over-the-river part are observed. In Winter, for example, over the river temperature is about 5-10°C lower than in the upland. For this reason, in the mountainous part precipitation per year is 15-20% higher on average. Precipitation normally reaches circa 653 mm per year, the largest index- in July, the lowest - in March. The average number of days with precipitation a year is 180.

The daytime temperature

The temperature at night

In Russia the European type sockets are mostly used. You can procure for an adapter while in you home country or find one on arrival in Russia in most electronics stores. The Russian outlet voltage is from 210 to 230 V.

Upon arrival in Russia
A foreign citizen is obliged to obtain and fill-in a migration card when crossing the border of the Russian Federation. Issuing forms of migration cards blanks is carried out by members of the crew of aircrafts, members of train crews, bus drivers or officials of customs control. Blanks of migration cards are to be filled out prior to border control in the arrival halls of airports, train stations, auto transition. Immigration cards are to be filled personally by the owners of documents in Russian or Latin letters in accordance with the data in the passport. Corrections by filling out immigration cards are not allowed. The migration card is stamped by border control on crossing the Russian border.

On arrival in Nizhny Novgorod a registration is to be taken care of. To do this, on your first day of arrival you address Minin University Foreign Students’ Affairs Division (1 enclosure, 233 cab.) With the following documents:

  • National passport
  • Migration Card
  • Visa


  1. We kindly request you to keep all air and railway tickets, as a legal proof of your travel through the Russian Federation
  2. If you are not able to collect all the documents on the first day of arrival, your personal presence at Minin University Foreign Students’ Affair Division is still mandatory.