The “Studencheskaya Pravda” ("Student Truth" ) newspaper

A Newspaper by the Student Council of Minin University. First of all, this is an information platform. We sincerely believe that at our institution we educate extraordinary students with the help of unique teachers, here something is always going on! Yet every now and then one still can come across people who remain in the dark, bored of inactivity. And that is not our way! Life is beautiful and amazing, it gives everyone a chance to express themselves to the world. "What do I start with?" – You would probably ask. "With the next issue of "Studencheskaya Pravda” "! Read , share new experiences with us and get involved in the exciting life of the University! After all, our newspaper – is also a means of self-expression: here everyone can share their opinions on any issue, try oneself as a journalist, reporter, typesetter.

If you believe yourself to be creative, inquisitive, purposeful, sociable, if you have things to say to people, we are waiting for you to join our ranks! Do not spend your precious time hesitating - go for it! Everyone is welcome in our team!

All your interesting ideas can (and should!) be sent to:

"Philonya" magazine

Hi, Minin student! If you simply can’t picture your life without creativity, if you carry a notebook and a pen at all times, if you want to be heard, our magazine is for you! "Philonya" - the brainchild of the Faculty of Philology, but its pages are open to everyone, for sure you know a lot of creative people in the world of exact sciences! Here you can publish your articles, essays, as well as poetry and prose (even under a pseudonym, if you preffer!) We are participants and winners of many competitions, who are proud of their independence, since whole the workflow, from writing articles to the layout of the magazine is made by the students themselves! Join our team and be heard!

Your works, as well as fresh, catchy ideas can be sent to: Look for us in VKontakte.

The newspaper "Sportfax"

The newspaper "Sportfax" is a periodical by the students and teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education. First published in September 1998. During this time, the newspaper’s format has changed and it came to be issued regularly 1 time per 2 weeks. Involved in its publication are the members of the sub-faculties, FPE graduates, and most importantly, students of all years of studies. Weekly on Mondays FPE sports journalists’ roundtables occur involving student group leaders, PE supervisors and other student activists. In course of the years of historical development the number of columns newspaper has also increased, reflecting the educational, scientific, sports and cultural life of the faculty and reflecting the special atmosphere of professional activity in the sphere of physical culture and sports. Among the headings of "Sportfax" the most popular are:

  • «Teacher, bring up your students!" – On teaching practice and teaching activities of working students;
  • «News from the Field" - the achievements of student-athletes and sports teams FPE;
  • «Your people, faculty!" - The outstanding achievements and positive examples of of the faculty members;
  • «FPE Dynasty " - an educational and professional work of students and FPE alumni making up teacher dynasties;
  • «Things education" - on the results of the intermediate or final certification, ratings groups; ?
  • «Teaching matters" - Student Days of science, scientific conferences, student groups, round tables schedules, information on scientific conferences held by FPE and with the participation of teachers and students of FPE;
  • «Teaching team –reporting!" - on the participation of students of sports sections in teaching practices and competitions faculty-, University-, city- , region- and country-wide.
  • «Feast of the day!" - About the work of students from different educational groups and socio-cultural events, which are attended by students of the Faculty;
  • «Student Labor Exchange" - information on employment opportunities for professions chosen by students , graduates etc.

Students and teachers eagerly publish their poems, essays, articles and reports in the newspaper.