The Head of research laboratory –Doctor of Pedagogic science Demidova Natalya Nikolayevna.

Laboratory staff:

Kamerilova G.S. – Chief research officer

Krotova Е.А. – research officer

Kiselyova  N.U. – research officer

Matveeva АV. – research officer

Postgraduate, master’s students, students

Research laboratory “Eco design of urban environment” - is the collaboration of scientists, students,  Postgraduates, master’s students, – community of people  having different statuses, competences, specialities, ages, who coordinate their scientific, methodological, and educational activities in the field of development of ecologically sound and aesthetically integral urban environment.

Goal of scientific research activities: to develop conceptual fundamentals of eco-design of urban environment as harmonizing attitude of a person to the environment

Objectives of scientific research activities of research laboratory:

- theoretical development of conceptual fundamentals of eco-design of urban environment in terms of scientific-theoretical and educational aspects

- theoretical concept and practical implementation of principles of eco design organization as stable development of urban environment on three research levels: theoretic-methodological, psychologic-pedagogical, particular-didactic.

Research Laboratory Profile


Scientific methodology


Work out of conceptual fundamentals, means ,forms of research of eco-design of urban environment  with steady development of metropolis Definition and arrangement of methodical peculiarities of  studying eco-design of environment in the course of contemporary school,  supplementary ,university and , post-graduate education Arranging and conducting international conferences and forums; contests for students and school children; exhibitions, contests; webinars, workshops, discussions.

Strategic partnership of RL "Eco design of Urban Environment"

  • Ministry of Education and Science of the region of Nizhny Novgorod
  • Regional Ministry of ecology and natural resources
  • Nizhny Novgorod regional Department «Society of Environmental Protection»
  • Geographical society of Russia
  • Eco center «Dront»
  • Atomic Energy Information  center
  • Higher Educational Establishments
  • Secondary educational establishments
  • Verchne-Volzhskoye interregional   Department of hydrometeorology  and monitoring of environment

Key results of Research laboratory activities

  • Work out and arrangement of elective courses ,seminars and tutorials
  • Releasing of study guides
  • Taking part in international conferences and forums
  • Taking part in exhibitions and contests
  • Activities in creative workshop “Ecological design of a big city”