The head of the laboratory: Elena Yurevna Ilaltdinova – Candidate of Pedagogics,

Vice- President of the Russian Makarenko’s Society, Member of the Board of the International Makarenko’s Society (IMS).

Laboratory staff:

Anatoly Arkadevich FrolovDoctor of Pedagogics, Professor, a Fellow of the International Makarenko’s Society (IMS);

-                    Sergey Ivanovich Aksenov – Candidate of Pedagogics;

-                    Tatyana Nikolaevna Sergeeva – Candidate of Pedagogics;

-                    Kuvabara Kiyosi – Doctor of Pedagogics, Research Assistant at Hokkaido Pedagogical University, State University Cooperation, Sapporo, Japan (non-regular employee)

-                    Mariya Eduardovna Sukhanova – Master’s Degree Student, social care teacher

Establishment of the Scientific Research Laboratory

Makarenko’s laboratory functions on the basis of A. A. Frolov’s (Doctor of Pedagogics) scientific-pedagogical school ‘Methodology of Pedagogics: A. S. Makarenko’s Heritage and Modern Times’. Frolov’s systematic exploration of Makarenko’s Heritage started in 1954 and it has successfully lasted for more than 60 years. The research laboratory ‘Makarenko’s Upbringing Pedagogy’ has been functioning at Minin NGPU since April 2003. Its foundation started at the same time as the annual Makarenko International Contest between  educational establishments of the type ‘school of work education’ (Initiator was the magazine 'Narodnoe Obrazovanie' (National Education) ), which correlates with Makarenko’s main idea, that is upbringing is performed on the basis of labor.

Original staff of the Makarenko’s laboratory at Minin University:

The head of the laboratory – Kozlova G. N., Doctor of Pedagogics (She upheld a doctoral thesis in 2005 on the topic of Russian schools from the end of the XIXth century and till the middle of the XX century ) ; Ilaltdinova E. Yu. – Candidate of Pedagogics, Research Officer; Frolov A.A., Doctor of Pedagogics, Scientific Consultant.

Aksenov S. I.- Candidate of Pedagogics - became a member of the laboratory staff. He upheld a Candidate’s thesis under Frolov’s guidance in 2011 on the topic ‘Development of Makarenko’s Views on Upbringing in the Period of Contradictions of Social-Pedagogical Reality in 1920-1935’.

Ilaltdinova E. Yu. has been the head of the laboratory since 2012.

Among non-regular employees are Kuvabara K, doctor of Pedagogics, Japan; Sergeeva T. N., Candidate of Pedagogics, Nizhny Novgorod.

Goal and objectives of the laboratory

Goal:  to elaborate Makarenko’s ideas and experience taking into account contemporary achievements of the international Makarenkoist studies and prospective lines of development of The Russian pedagogy and school.

Main objectives:

-                   Define the basis of Makarenko’s heritage as an upbringing concept of Pedagogics in connection with didactic conception of Pedagogics.

-                   Establish consistencies of appearing of upbringing conception of Pedagogics, its implementation in Makarenko’s works and its developing in the Russian and foreign pedagogy and school.

-                   Analyze contemporary (since the 1990s) pedagogical theory and school practice from the view of upbringing (as opposed to teaching), define their perspective lines, participate in experimental and practical work of schools in upbringing on the basis of productive labor.

Main functions:

-                   Explore and develop Makarenko’s heritage on the basis of national foreign researches and experience of use of the heritage in social and pedagogical practice;

-                   Define methodological, theoretical, organizational and methodic basis of Makarenko’s work in their harmonious connection.

-                   Define, critically analyze and elaborate methodology of Makarenkoist researches and practical studies.

-                   Renovate historiographic basis of Makarenkoist studies.

-                   Implement the results of the research in the educational process of the Minin University.

A problem of methodology of Pedagogics is considered in the laboratory as well as upbringing on the basis of the parallel studies of this problem from the view of pedagogical classics and present days. The researches aim at overcoming contradictions between the need to enhance and strengthen social and educative functions of the modern education, the need to establish priorities in the whole educational process, form social and moral values  and lack of theoretical understanding of this problem in terms of methodological, theoretical and organization-technological problem solution within the framework of history and modernity. Value of Makarenko’s heritage, high productive of his activity actualize this heritage for solving modern educational issues and problems of upbringing.

Historiographic line is actualized by the modern need to define perspective development of Makarenkoist studies on the basis of complex studies of current condition and history of development and exploration of Makarenko’s heritage in Russia and in the world.

Place of the laboratory’s activity in educational programs of the university:

The following course syllabus have been developed and approbated:

-                   ‘A.S.Makarenko’s Heritage: History and Modernity’ (Specialization: 050401.65 History )

-                   A.S.Makarenko’s Social and Pedagogical System (Specialization: 050400.62 Psychological-Pedagogical Education)

-                   A.S.Makarenko’s Padagogy: Science of Generations Interaction (Specialization: 050711.65 Social Pedagogics)

-                    Educational mini-technopark as a form of organization of work with the youth. (Specialization:040700,62 Organization of work with youth)

Students’ participation in the work of the laboratory:

-                   Creation of a discussion platform;

-                   Creation of the Students’ Circle ‘An Educator; Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’;

-                   Writing term papers, Master’s theses, qualification papers.

Existing and Potential Partners:

-                   The Scientific Board on the problem of history of education and Pedagogics of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) (Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor, Corresponding Member of  the RAE Boguslavsky M.V.);

-                   International Makarenko’s Society (N. De. Kumis, the head);

-                   Russian Makarenko’s Association and the Transregional Public Organization ‘Makarenko’s Association’ (Korableva T.F.);

-                   Hokkaido Pedagogical University, Sapporo, Japan (Doctor of Pedagogics Kuvabara K.)

-                   University of Nordland, Bodø, Norway (Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Halvorsen Terje);

-                   Conduct Teaching Press, Birmingham, England;

-                   Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko (PNPU) – in accordance with the partnership agreement between NGPU and PNPU (Coordinator – Doctor of Pedagogics Tkachenko A.V.);

-                   Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko (partnership agreement), Ukraine;

-                   Publishing house ‘Narodnoe obrazovanie’ (Chief editor Kushnir A.M.) – activity on implementing school mini-technoparks in modern Common Education Space;

-                   Laboratory ‘Pedagogy of Makarenko A. S.’ ( the head – Lushikov V. V., Chelyabinsk Institute of Professional Education ) – coordination of lines of work;

-                   Vologda Institute of Law and Economy, Russia;

-                   A laboratory of the University of Marburg (Germany) (the head – Hilling Goetz);

-                   The Museum of A.S. Makarenko, Kremenchuk, Ukraine;

-                   Scientific-Investment Center (Manuylov Yu.S.) – discussion of common problems at joint meetings of the laboratory and the center;

-                   Center for Special Education (University of California, the USA) – a potential partner.

Main results:

-                   Published monographs: Frolov A.A. ‘Makarenko A.S. in the USSR, Russia and in the World: Historiography of Exploration and Elaboration of his Heritage’ (1939-2005, critical analysis), 2006; Ilaltdinova E.Yu. ‘Official Pedagogics’ and Social-Pedagogical Initiative in History of Exploration and Elaboration of Makarenko’s Heritage6 1939- the middle of 1970s’, 2010; ‘National History  of exploration and elaboration of Makarenko’s Heritage: 1975-2013’, 2014;

-                   The new edition of Makarenko's works, ‘Makarenko. School. Life. Work. Upbringing’ in 9 volumes, are being published. 7 volumes were published in 2007-2014.

-                   Candidate and Doctor theses defenses: Kozlova G.N. – ‘Upbringing in National Schools at the End of XIX- in the Middle of XX centuries’, NGPU, 2005; Ilaltdinova E.Yu. – ‘National Historiography of the Pedagogical Heritage of Makarenko A.S. (1939-2013)’, July 2015; Aksenov S.I. – ‘Development of Makarenko’s Views on Upbringing in the Period of Contradictions of Social-Pedagogical Reality in 1920-1935’, 2011.

-                   Organized scientific Makarenkoist studies’ conferences of various levels (2013 – International Scientific Conference, Pedagogy of Makarenko: Upbringing and Life (Achievements and Problems) with the assistance of RGNF; 2014 – International Symposium “Contemporary Makarenkoist Studies: History, Current State, Perspectives.”;

-                   Publication of scientific issues ‘Heritage of Makarenko A.S.: Contemporary Developments and Perspectives (in terms of methodology) (NGPU, Nizhny Novgorod, since 2009).’ 5 issues have been published.

-                    The laboratory took part in the development of the program of professional skills advancement and teaching materials ‘Regulatory and Technological Basis for Creation and Organization of School Minitechnoparks Activity and Children-Adult Educational Institutions as Innovative  Infrastructures of Technological Training and Upbringing in Schools.’ in terms of governmental agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation  №03. Р20.11.0080 of 24.11.2011 for realization of events of Federal Target Education Program 2011-2015. The laboratory staff were experts in the project ‘Regulatory and Technological Basis for Creation and Organization of School Minitechnoparks Activity and Children-Adult Educational Institutions as Innovative Infrastructures of Technological Training and Upbringing in Schools’.

-                   The laboratory staff participated in Russia-wide, regional and international science conferences on the problem of Makarenkoist studies, theory and practice of upbringing, in the annual Makarenko contest ‘school of work education’. Articles refereed by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles: ‘Pedagogics’, ‘Narodnoe Obrazovanie’ and others.