Head of the laboratory: Sotkina Svetlana Aleksandrovna – Cand.Sc. (Geography),assistant professor, head of Geography, Geographical education department. E-mail: sotkina@list.ru


The laboratory staff:

-      Glebbova Olga Vladimirovna– Cand.Sc. (Geography),assistant professor

-      Piyashova Svetlana Nikolayevna – Cand.Sc. (Geography),assistant professor

-      Varenov Aleksandr Leonidovich – senior teacher

Goals and objectives of the laboratory

Goal: To create conditions for conducting scientific research in the field of soil covering study and monitoring of environment.


1. To encourage research activities of staff, students, students in the master's program post-graduate students in the field of soil geography and landscape geo chemistry.

2. To provide conditions for broadening network of interaction in the field of science and education.


  1. Monitoring of contamination of environment as to current state of soil covering.
  2. Performing contractual work in eco geo chemical evaluation of the territory inhabited by people, which effect comfort of life.

Laboratory of soil geography and landscape geo chemistry represents scientific and educational resource meeting the demands of strategy of Minin University.

Laboratory is widely used in the educational process – laboratory classes are conducted there, scientific research of Bachelors, students in the master program, post graduates and teachers are carried out there.

Current Partners:

Geography Institute (IGRAN) (Moscow); IPFRAN (Nizhny Novgorod);

Ministry of education of Nizhny Novgorod region;

Headquarters of Hydrometrology in Privolzhsky Federal Region

Educational establishments of Nizhny Novgorod and region

Ecologo biological center of Dzerzhinsk is base site for experiments activities

Target partners:

Russian society for environmental protection;

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Russia;

Ministry of Agriculture of Nizhny Novgorod region.

Strategy of the laboratory development:

  • To actuate grant and publication activities of the laboratory staff.
  • To encourage students’ interest in soil study as reflection of landscape and evaluation of eco geochemical situation.
  • To create network connection with labs of monitoring of environment.
  • To create innovation products of soil study and teaching soil science and geo chemistry of landscape in context of interaction with foreign partners.