Head of the laboratory: Vinokurova Natalya Fedorovna-Ph D Pedagogy, Professor, Member of Committee of Russian Academy of Education on Geographical and Ecological Education, since 2003 has been the Chairman of the dissertation Council D 212.164.04 on thesis on the specialty 13.00.02. theory and methodology of training and education (geography and ecology) for the degree of doctor and candidate of pedagogical science.  E-mail: eco@bk.ru

The history of scientific - research laboratory

—      the laboratory activities have been carried out for 2 years, along with the project in the framework of the Government task

Goal: to study theoretic-methodological grounds for formation of culture of nature use by means of project module education


  • —      development of conceptual bases of formation of a culture of  management of natural resources, providing continuous process of formation and development of integral cultural and ecological environment of the region;
  • —      identification and justification of educational technology, performing project-module education;
  •     —system construction of the cultural-ecological modules and projects that reflect the multi-dimensionality, continuity, discreteness of the educational environment.

The laboratory profile


2. Publishing

3. Projects

4. Technology implementation

Place of research activities of the laboratory in the educational programs of the University

- The concept of building a culture of natural resources is used in the educational process in Minin University while releasing basic educational programs in the areas of:

44.03.05 – Pedagogical Education (bachelor),

44.04.01. - Pedagogical Education (master’s)

The laboratory represents exclusive scientific and educational resources of the University on problems of science and education as education, heading for future. This activity meets development Strategy Minin Universityа.

Participation of students in the laboratory work


  1. Discussions
  2. Joint publications
  3. Scientific-practical conferences,
  4. Scientific-practical forums
  5. Participation in projects and contests

Real partners:

- RAO, Laboratory of EE, Moscow

- The Ministry of education of Nizhny Novgorod region

- The Department of education, N. Novgorod

- Educational institutions of . N. Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region

- Resource center sharing pedagogical experience as basis for experimental activities

-Nizhniy Novgorod regional branch of the NGO "Russian geographical society"

-Association of geography teachers of Nizhny Novgorod region

Target partners:

- Extended Education Center in N. Novgorod

- «After school activities center «Rainbow» Gorodetz

Key results of work of the Scientific Research Laboratory

Acknowledgement:: Letter of appreciation of Department of culture, Department of social policy of Administration of Dzerzhinsk for creation of a culture of nature use

Patent activities: Electronic information and communication module "Think globally, act locally" (trade secrets (know-how).


- 1 monograph: "the Culture of nature use: scientific and educational aspects"

- 1 course book: "Theory and methodology of geo-ecological education",

- 5 articles in foreign publications (Scopus and WebofScience)

- 8 articles in Russian publications (in State Commission for Academic degrees and titles),

- Abstracts and conference presentations (14)

Strategy of development of Research Laboratory

- Creation of innovation platforms "Environmental problems: the experience of decision making"

- Increase grant activity

- Increase publication activity

- Extension of networking, including with foreign partners

- Ensuring academic mobility

- Development and implementation of training modules – of extended education establishments