The students from Anhui Normal University are going to study Russian culture during 8 days. It is the fifth time when Minin University holds Language and Culture school for Chinese students.

The leader of Anhui Normal University delegation, professor of the Institute of Foreign languages, Candidate of Sciences, Philology, Li Chuan claimed that she was glad to have cooperation with Minin University and the opportunity to learn more about Russia, its history, culture and traditions: “I spent more than 10 years living and working in Russia. I was happy to come back here. Russia has changed a lot. But what has not changed is our love to Russia”.

The students of Anhui Normal University sang “Katyusha” in Russian at the opening ceremony. In their turn, Minin University students of English and Chinese department also gave a performance: the band "Minin Street" played the song The White Stripes Seven Nation Army. On the first day Minin University held a lesson of Russian and Chinese languages.

An intensive cultural program is organized for Chinese students: excursions to Verchne-Volzhskaya embankment, the Kremlin, visiting museums (Automobile Plant museumм, “ Russia is my History”, Rukavishnikov estate, Kashirin estate). Some workshops are going to be organised: in particular, Khokhloma factory in Semenov and the Galery of Chocolate. The students will learn more about the history of Nizhny Novgorod , Maxim Gorky work, they will plunge into the Russian culture.


Every year since 2015 Minin University and Anhui Normal University students have been participants of Summer and Winter Vacation Schools of Russian and Chinese language and Culture.The Schools are held to give the students of the partner university some information on the educational programs, as well as the culture and traditions of China and Russia. In addition to training sessions a lot of extra curricula activities are organized including visiting museums, parks, cultural and historical attractions of the city and the region.