This day all freshmen got acquainted with student life of the university at the festival “Your Territory”. All participants got an opportunity to visit 11 different interactive areas.

At the festival the following organizations were introduced:

  • 9 student associations: “Kvadratnyi Medved” (Square Bear); Council of Student Initiatives of the Faculty of management, social and technical services; Volunteer Center; “Roza vetrov” (Windrose); “League of inclusive people”; “Ai Lao Wai”; “Territory of Opportunities”; MininSTV; “Zelenyi Minin” (Green Minin)
  • 4 pedagogical teams: “Teplo” (Warmth), "Puzzle", "Fortuna", "Focus"
  • 2 Student clubs of train car attendants: “Concordia” and “Compass”
  • The student union

Freshmen wrote letters to the future, learned how to write Chinese characters and took master classes on painting mugs.

Rector-in-charge of Minin University Dr. Elena Ilaltdinova congratulated students on this remarkable day. In her speech Dr. Ilaltdinova mentioned that student years are the time of worries:

"Minin University is constantly developing and expanding opportunities for its students. But there is no way we can do this without you. In order to make university life interesting, all of you must work hard and offer your ideas. Let your student life be rewarding. It’s true happiness that you have a chance to change the world around you. ”

The graduates of Minin University also attended the festival. Principal of school No. 123 Mr. Boris Kotelnikov, the graduate of 2006, in his speech mentioned that young teachers are always welcomed in schools. He added that Minin University always keeps up with the times. This is the very place where you can create, study, learn and transform.

The graduate of the Faculty of natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, the winner of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition "Teacher of the Year 2019", Dmitry Komissarov greeted all freshmen as well.

During the official ceremony, freshmen explained why they had chosen Minin university to study at. For instance, a student of the Faculty of Humanities, Olga Blokhina, shared with us that she had decided to enter this very university several years ago:

“From the day I made the decision to enter this university, I followed the news of the university on the website and in social networks. The university has a lot of student associations and interest clubs. I also liked great possibilities for international cooperation. It definitely caught my attention. ”

Nikita Goncharov, Chairman of the High School Students Council (School No. 118), a student of the Faculty of management social and technical services, shared his impressions:

“I learned about Minin University two years ago from young teachers who came to our school. They really liked the university. Isn’t it the best advertisement when graduates speak about their alma mater with such warm feelings? I believe that it definitely is”.

We congratulate all freshmen, students, teachers and university staff on the start of a new academic year!

Follow the news on the site and on social networks - we have many interesting projects ahead. And don’t forget that Minin University is the best start for any life and career path!


Since 1911, more than 100,000 students have graduated from the university. Students from 60 regions of Russia study at Minin university. Students can study 7 foreign languages, including Chinese. At present time, the university has more than 40 student associations. This year Minin university welcomes more than 1000 freshmen.